A downloadable game for Windows

you cant finish this game

weekly game jam #95 - "bad cooking" submission

open world -
W, A, S, D - move

battle -
left click on food to attack enemy
right click on food to heal yourself
left click
on clock to reroll food and lose 10 hp

the goal in battle is to find enemy weakness (two randomly chosen food types) because it deals 5 times more damage

this game should end when you collect 3 stars (win 3 battles) but for some reason it doesnt (lol)


TheUltimateCHIEF.zip 5 MB


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Cool game, really liked the sprite work. The ingredients especially, but the blocky characters were good too.

I didn't read the bit in the description about "enemy weaknesses" but I was pretty much able to bulldoze my way through the game just by clicking on every food item.

Would be good if healing was made more necessary -- maybe certain foods do more healing and less damage? You could also make the health persistent between battles.

Would be really cool if you could combine food items into stronger attacks. I could see this getting really interesting if expanded on.


thanks for your comment!
i planned to do more advanced combat, tutorial and even cutscenes(!), but most of game jam time i was busy studying
hope next time i will make much more balanced and at least "playable" game!
or maybe i will work on this idea more, who knows..? :)